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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to advertise using the IDI TxT Connect System?

A. Each property code is priced from $19.95 per month for a single listing,or multi code discounts as low as $2.95 each with the 10 code plan ($29.50). Text messages are $0.20 each on top of these prices with the exception of the 10 Code Plan which includes 100 free text messages sent per month.

Sign riders are available for $15.00 each ($135 tax for 10 sign riders!).


Q. How many listings can I advertise?

A. You can advertise an unlimited number of listings. Please contact us direct for volumes over 10.

Q. Can agents share the 10 code plans? If John Doe signs up from Century 21 and Jane Doe signs up at Century 21 is there only one agents name that appears on all texts?

A. The low cost per plan was not designed for agents to share and this is not something we promote. However, If an agent wants to share a plan with another agent than they should also be prepared to share the leads. The system is designed to allow only one cell number per plan.

Q. If I pay the $29.50 for the 10 codes but only at this time have 2 listings, do I still have to pay $29.50 per month?

A. The pricing negotiated for the IDI TxT Connect system is exceptional. Although an agent can use up to 10 codes per plan, the cost for a single code is $19.95 each which should give you an idea of the value and savings. You have the option of buying a single code or 5 code plan if you have fewer than 10 listings but the cost savings on the 10 code plan obviously makes much more sense.

Q. What listing details should be included in the message?

A. We have predetermined fields for you to quickly and easily enter your listing details into. These are specific to the item you are selling and include things like the listing address, price, details, link to your website, your contact information, etc..We also provide a custom field for you to customize your listing if you prefer.

Q. How much information can I fit into one text message?

A. You can type up to 160 characters with SMS (Text Messaging). However, using IDI TxT Connect, we provide the ability to include all the necessary information on the item you are selling or promoting and depending on how much information you enter, the interested party will receive between 1 and 2 parts to their text message.

Q. How do I attach your code to a For Sale/Lease Sign?

A. You can attach the codes with standard sign riders. Riders are available to fit any sign. Custom riders and signs are available on request. You can also use your own sign or banner supplier if you choose.

Q. What does it cost a person to send a text to get the instant information on the listing?

A. The service is free to users and they only pay their standard text message rates from their wireless carriers based on the current plan they have.

Q. Do I need to have a certain cell phone plan or company to use this service?

A. No. Our service and short code works with all wireless carriers across the United States and most every cell phone on the market accepts text messages (even if you don't currently text!).

Q. What is text messaging and how do I do it?

A. Sending a text message is essentially sending a short message to a phone number. Over 95 billion were sent in the US last year and the numbers keep growing.


Press MENU on your phone
Type a message on your phone’s keypad (this is the "keyword" on a sign)
Enter IDI TXT Connect shortcode number 43766 (this is like our phone number)
When finished, press OPTIONS and/or SEND

For a great overview on the simple process, click here; www.ctia.org

Q. Why is text messaging better than audio tours?

A. Although two completely different types of marketing approaches, text messaging is now more popular than making telephone calls and hard wired into our culture as the preferred way to communicate. It is instant and there is no person to listen to on the other end of a phone explaining a long list of details or features. With a text message, you are also able to keep the information on your phone for viewing or making contact later. You can also forward the text with all the details to a friend or family member. As an agent, you are also able to capture the lead of the person requesting the text info if they opt-in and request a showing, price change or want to know about an open house through our property broadcasts.

Q. I want potential buyers to call my phone number on the sign, why would I give them information?

A. The reality is, people buying a home research the market and properties by a) driving by, b) online and c) newspaper ads. None of these marketing methods allow an agent to measure the response rates or capture a lead. By enticing a potential buyer to send a text message to receive basic property details, IDI TxT Connect captures their cell phone number to follow up on later along with also providing an automated value added service. IDI TxT Connect offers a measurable, efficient and leading edge marketing platform that offers so much more than just a traditional sign.

Q. Will potential buyers not call my phone number anymore?

A. Absolutely not. Offering our IDI TxT Connect service is simply a matter of providing a better service to sellers along with giving consumers what they are now demanding; "Instant Information". Providing basic listing or for sale details via text message is capturing a whole new segment of the market and research has shown it generates more interest which leads to more calls. And remember, if someone doesn't text (yet!), nothing stops them from calling your number as they normally would!

Q. How do I update my listings?

A. You can quickly and easily update your listings at any time by logging into your account at www.IslandDigitalImages.com.

Q. What happens when a listing is sold, rented or leased?

A. You can easily update your listing with new details and then retrieve your sign and place it on another listing.

Q.  Are ad codes reusable?

A. Yes. The ad code is assigned to you and can be reused for any listing.

Q. How do I deactivate a listing?

A. You can deactivate any of your listing codes online within your password protected area on our website.

Q. What if I want to cancel my subscription?

A. Canceling your subscription is easy to do. You can either log into your PayPal account and cancel it from within there or, simply contact us and we can do it for you. Note: Any cancellation of subscriptions must be made prior to the monthly renewal date. 

Q. How can I follow up on SMS (Text message) inquiries?

A. You will be notified via text message when a lead comes in from a potential buyer who has requested you to contact them. You can contact the prospect by phone or text at that point. All activity and every number for text information for each listing code is available from within your account on our website.


Q. Do you have any video tutorials to help walk me through any steps?

A. Yes, click here to access various tutorials.